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Headers and footers are available to use your own letterhead or logos on the cover page or on any or all report pages.

  SIMPLE COVER PAGE SET UP: The customizable cover page is practically automatic.  All that's needed is to tell the NewAge   program which photo to use and "attach" the cover page pre-formatted document during the survey prep. Common survey information like the survey date, type of survey, vessel name, vessel year/make /model,  as well as the clients name and address, is automatically extracted from the survey report or other data base fields and are inserted in the correct location.

 Complete flexibility to change, re-organize, re-structure or modify the format of the report to look like you want. This includes use of different fonts, colors, create tables, insert graphics etc.

  INSERT PHOTOS or GRAPHICS: Ability to insert photos anywhere in the survey report. You can then easily edit the photos with arrows, circles or highlights, etc. to more clearly identify a  problem area. Photos can be quickly and easily sized  from thumb nail size to full size. They can also be aligned right, left, above or below the survey text. If you prefer they can also be on separate attached photo page(s). Graphic hull diagrams that you create or any other graphic images can be imported and edited in areas you feel are necessary.

Survey system  form groups are included with the
NewAge   Focus edition at no additional cost for powerboats, sailboats and pontoon houseboats to produce complete detailed Condition & Value survey reports customized for each type of vessel. In addition,  templates are provided for Appraisals, Damage surveys and Auto Load/Stow for container shipments. These can be edited changed as desired to fit your needs or you can easily add additional ones for the various types of vessels you normally inspect.

One click access to access the web, edit/modify your  documents and forms are always available and are called Action Items. All forms and documents can be edited to fit your needs.

QUICK REPORT SECTION ACCESS: The system works like you.  Easily jump to any form section with 2 clicks of the mouse, finger or stylus to quickly check off or enter relevant information.

Your report findings and recommendations can be as brief or as lengthy as you like.  Many typical findings are already included in the system to use as a start which will same you a great deal of time. You can add, delete or change them to use the words you prefer.

FREE Force/ 5 CONVERSION PROGRAM: Due to many requests from Force/5 users,  a FREE   conversion program is now available that will convert your personal survey data that you have been using in Force/5 to the 3-D NewAge   forms format. This will allow Force/5 users to more quickly begin using the NewAge   system saving you the effort of re-keying all your "item choices"  for findings and recommendations and other data  you gathered over the years as a marine surveyor.

AUTOMATIC SUMMARY of  SURVEY FINDINGS: If you choose to use a summary of all recommendations and findings at the end of the survey, there is a document that will automatically pull any identified issues from the report (called summary items) and create the summary recommendations document.

USE YOUR SIGNATURE/STAMP: You can  import your digital signature into the report on the final signature page as well as your accreditation seal/stamp if you use one.

COMMON WEB SITE ACCESS: Common surveying web sites are available with one click, providing direct access to  information needed during the survey report preparation process and will save you even more time.

SUPPORTS WINDOWS AND ANDROID TABLETS AND SMART PHONES: If you prefer using a portable digital device instead of handwritten notes, software is included at no additional cost, this saves translating notes when you get back to your office and figuring out where they go. The 3D New Age system will automatically take your previously entered  findings, notes and comments and import them into the correct section or line item as chosen when doing the survey inspection.

  SURVEYOR CHECKLIST / NOTES: If desired, you can use a built in Checklist feature or  your own hand written survey notes and enter them in after the survey using the desktop 3-D program.   Entering your notes into the system is very quick with point and click pull downs that match your observations.

SUPPORTS PDF FILES: The final survey can be e-mailed as a PDF (Print Data File) to your clients and/or you can print a hard copy for mailing or filing.

EMAIL or PHONE SUPPORT: Besides all the above mentioned features, you get unparalleled technical support from 3-D Systems when you get stuck or have a question.


Major Vessel Inspection System Forms (Not a complete list)

  • Exterior Hull & Bottom Inspection

  • Top Deck & Superstructure

  • Fishing Equipment 

  • Helm & Navigation Electronics

  • Rigging & Sail Handling Equipment

  • Sails

  • Cabin Interior Appointments

  • Entertainment Electronics



  • Interior Hull & Bottom Inspection

  • Electrical Systems

  • Propulsion System

  • Steering System

  • Tankage Systems

  • Safety Equipment

  • Auxiliary Equipment

  • Sea Trial



  • This system will pay for itself after one or two surveys.
  • Is there any reason left why not to upgrade to this world class Marine Surveying Reporting System?

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